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Slimming Drainer Multidrain is a typical complex systemic supplement, which combines draining, circulatory, slimming and toning functions, therefore improving the main functions of the body.


 Drains by favouring water elimination.

 Improves drainage of liver, gallbladder and kidney.

 Improves digestion.

 Promotes blood circulation.

 Activates thermogenesis.

 Removes mental and physical fatigue.

Main indications:

 Water retention

 Body cleansing

 Circulatory problems

 Slimming

 Body protection

 Wellness

Other indications: For people suffering from binge eating for longer than 6 months, it is recommended to take Physiodrain for 10 days to prepare the body before taking Multidrain. The efficiency will be enhanced.

Dosage: 10ml in a large glass of water morning and noon or 20ml in 1 to 1.5 liter of water. To drink from morning until 4-5pm.

Recognized properties of ingredients:

Dry Red Vine leaf: Veins toning. Orange-peel skin. Heavy legs. Capillary fragility. Anti-oxidant.

Thallus Fucus dry: Drainage. Slimming. Blood circulation.

Fresh dandelion leaf: Improves liver, bladder and kidney functions. Favours digestion. Reduces water retention.

Horseradish root: Drainage of the gallbladder and liver. Favours the elimination of toxins and waste. Facilitates digestion and bowel movements. Anti-bacterial of the intestinal flora. Choleretic. Helps fight infections and free radicals.

Elderberry dried fruit: Favours water elimination through kidneys. Helps digestion. Diuretic and purgative.

Couch-grass Root dry: Drainage of the urinary tract. Helps digestion. Anti-inflammatory. Blood cleanser Re-mineralizer. Healer.

Nettle leaf fresh: Drainage of kidney and skin. Re-mineralizer. Meadowsweet leaf fresh: Diuretic. Orange-peel skin. Anti-edema.

Blackcurrant fruit puree: Fortifying. Anti-fatigue. Anti-infective. Powerful diuretic and purgative. Stimulation of liver and kidney functions. Beneficial for circulatory problems.

Bitter Orange fresh fruit: Thermogenesis. Slimming. Digestive tonic. Vasoconstrictor.

Green Tea dry: Thermogenesis. Enhancer of the fat-burning process. Protection against LDL cholesterol. Stimulator to better fight against fatigue.

Fennel bulb fresh: Anti-oxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-bacterial. Hypotensive effect. Helps digestion. Anti-bloating.

Chromium Chloride: Enhancer of the insulin action and glucose tolerance. Holds an important role in the metabolism of plasma lipoproteins and phospholipids. Regulator of cholesterol.

Organic Agave syrup leaf: Anti-constipation. Anti-gas. Diuretic. Ingredients per 20ml dose: Agave syrup 2280mg - Bitter Orange 1596mg - Fennel 684mg – Red Currant 456mg - Green Tea 387mg - Dandelion 136.80mg - Meadowsweet 114mg - Nettle 114mg – Couch-grass 68.4mg - Elder 68.4mg - Fucus 45.60mg - Horseradish 45.60mg – Red Vine 18.2mg –Chromium element 25µg, 100% of Recommended Daily Allowance

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